Decentralized Traded Funds

As 2021 is coming to an end, there’s no better time to provide a perspective on what has been done, what we’re doing, and where we’re aiming at.

But first things first. We commend the Romans community for growing with us, sharing the enthusiasm to see through the big revolution…

Domani Protocol is extremely excited to join the Avalanche community. The team at Domani has worked tirelessly to become the world’s first oracle-less cross-chain Crypto Management Protocol. We would also like to thank the Avalanche community for welcoming us as we embark on our journey into the Avalanche ecosystem.


We are excited to announce the first of its kind technical partnership with KNOBS — a leading software development house based in Italy — marking a significant step forward for DEXTF’s development capacity.

KNOBS is at the forefront of the Italian innovation landscape, operating at the intersection of academia, large…

It was 2018 when a team of like-minded individuals got together and envisioned bringing one of the most sophisticated financial infrastructures to crypto. Last month, we released DEXTF v2, elevating the experience from having only static to support also dynamic tokenized portfolios. …

Program Objective

Creating and incentivizing a passionate community that will propagate and amplify DEXTF’s vision to democratize access to asset management.

What will DEXTF Ambassadors be called?

Ambassadors will be called ‘Centurions’. These Romans will become our flag bearers, spreading the word about us.

Who can participate in the Ambassador Program and become a Centurion?

Anyone who believes can contribute to expanding the reach of DEXTF can apply.


DOMANI Protocol

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