DEXTF Centurion (Ambassador) Program

DOMANI Protocol
2 min readAug 18, 2021

Program Objective

Creating and incentivizing a passionate community that will propagate and amplify DEXTF’s vision to democratize access to asset management.

What will DEXTF Ambassadors be called?

Ambassadors will be called ‘Centurions’. These Romans will become our flag bearers, spreading the word about us.

Who can participate in the Ambassador Program and become a Centurion?

Anyone who believes can contribute to expanding the reach of DEXTF can apply.

If you identify yourself with one of the points below, do reach out to us through this application!

  1. Those with more than 500 followers on Twitter
  2. Has one or more of the following skills: Content writing, Design, Translation, Community
  3. Those who are already part of the DEXTF community and want to contribute more

Categories of Ambassadors

  1. Educators
  • Create orientation material for those that are new to DeFi and to DEXTF by illustrating the potential and the benefits of asset management.
  • Create articles/ Twitter threads/ educational videos describing the various modules of the DEXTF dApp in simple terms
  • Tweet about DEXTF
  • Help the existing community by moderating and answering questions
  • Create DEXTF-specific memes
  • Write content for DEXTF Digital Asset Management University (DAMU)

2. Flag bearers

  • Amplify the reach of DEXTF Tweets in various social media
  • Connect DEXTF with influencers and partners to work on community-informed product development.
  • Mention/ use DEXTF branding on the personal social media profile (e.g. Twitter)
  • Use DEXTF logo as Display Picture in your social media (e.g. Telegram, Twitter, Discord, etc)
  • Promote DEXTF Digital Asset Management University (DAMU)

How will Ambassadors be rewarded?

Rewards will be based on the points earned monthly by a DEXTF Centurion. Each completed activity earns points, that convert to specific $DEXTF rewards.

How DEXTF will run the Ambassador Program?

  • Applications are to be sent through Google Form —
  • Based on the selection criteria, ambassadors will be selected
  • Applications will be closed on 25 August 2021 at 11:00 AM UTC
  • The cohort will have a dedicated relationship manager from DEXTF
  • Ambassadors will have to submit weekly reports of their activity to earn points. If the Centurion was active for less than 4 full weeks and records more than 2 weeks of inactivity, the earned points are forfeited.

About DEXTF Protocol

DEXTF is an on-chain non-custodial asset management protocol that empowers anyone to mint, trade, and redeem non-custodial oracle-less tokenized portfolios (XTFs). Investors can finally claim full asset ownership even when their investments are delegated to portfolio managers. Amplify your perspectives and grow your investments by unlocking the power of efficient capital allocation with DEXTF.

dApp (DEXTF v2 — currently only available for Desktop)

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