DEXTF Centurion (Ambassador) Program

Program Objective

What will DEXTF Ambassadors be called?

Who can participate in the Ambassador Program and become a Centurion?

  1. Those with more than 500 followers on Twitter
  2. Has one or more of the following skills: Content writing, Design, Translation, Community
  3. Those who are already part of the DEXTF community and want to contribute more

Categories of Ambassadors

  1. Educators
  • Create orientation material for those that are new to DeFi and to DEXTF by illustrating the potential and the benefits of asset management.
  • Create articles/ Twitter threads/ educational videos describing the various modules of the DEXTF dApp in simple terms
  • Tweet about DEXTF
  • Help the existing community by moderating and answering questions
  • Create DEXTF-specific memes
  • Write content for DEXTF Digital Asset Management University (DAMU)
  • Amplify the reach of DEXTF Tweets in various social media
  • Connect DEXTF with influencers and partners to work on community-informed product development.
  • Mention/ use DEXTF branding on the personal social media profile (e.g. Twitter)
  • Use DEXTF logo as Display Picture in your social media (e.g. Telegram, Twitter, Discord, etc)
  • Promote DEXTF Digital Asset Management University (DAMU)

How will Ambassadors be rewarded?

How DEXTF will run the Ambassador Program?

  • Applications are to be sent through Google Form —
  • Based on the selection criteria, ambassadors will be selected
  • Applications will be closed on 25 August 2021 at 11:00 AM UTC
  • The cohort will have a dedicated relationship manager from DEXTF
  • Ambassadors will have to submit weekly reports of their activity to earn points. If the Centurion was active for less than 4 full weeks and records more than 2 weeks of inactivity, the earned points are forfeited.



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