DEXTF x KNOBS technical partnership

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2 min readOct 15, 2021

We are excited to announce the first of its kind technical partnership with KNOBS — a leading software development house based in Italy — marking a significant step forward for DEXTF’s development capacity.

KNOBS is at the forefront of the Italian innovation landscape, operating at the intersection of academia, large companies, and SMEs. Thanks to a close partnership with Politecnico di Milano’s (Italy’s MIT) Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Observatory (BDLO), the leading engineering university in Italy, the company has no shortage of technical know-how.

Not only is KNOBS well-positioned to evolve into the McKinsey equivalent for blockchain consulting, providing in-depth insights into best practices, code-review, blockchain comparative studies, but also building capabilities with its 15+ strong team.

Its founders, Dr. Vincenzo Rana (Ph.D.) and Dr. Francesco Bruschi (Ph.D.) are involved in the Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Observatory at the Politecnico di Milano as researchers and Heads.

The BDLO was created in 2018 to generate and share knowledge related to blockchain and its applications. The research within BDLO covers different verticals, including web 3.0, supply chain, digital identity, and tokenization (NFT and on-chain financial bonds).

What does this mean for DEXTF?

We acknowledge that the speed in DeFi is everything, but so is safety, and with this idea, we have added several full-time resources to our development team at DEXTF.

This partnership further consolidates our development capabilities to march forward and bring cutting-edge ideas to execution swiftly and securely.

Looking ahead

After releasing the rebalancing module, we will add the fee module, allowing fund managers to generate income based on their fund’s assets under management (AUM).

In parallel, to address the gas costs — largely impeding the platform’s usage as we conceptualized it — on Ethereum mainnet, we think that a multi-chain deployment of DEXTF can significantly accelerate adoption and truly make DEXTF accessible and usable for everyone.

We now have a solid team that allows us to increase our participation in hackathons worldwide, building additional applications, features, and integrations for the DEXTF ecosystem.

We are feverish on what’s to come.

Stay tuned!


Italian leader in blockchain, KNOBS is a software house, and tech advisory firm specialized in cutting-edge technologies. KNOBS promote companies’ innovation and technological upgrade and the adoption of blockchain technology as a crucial growth driver for many sectors and a revolutionary paradigm.


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