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DOMANI Protocol
3 min readDec 1, 2021


TLDR: DEXTF Protocol is rebranding to DOMANI. The DEXTF token will govern Domani Protocol. There will be no token migration in the foreseeable future.

A little over a year ago, when DEXTF was founded, we set out to revolutionize the asset management industry, lowering barriers to entry to empower anyone to create and invest in a fund.

DEXTF is constantly evolving and building for tomorrow, which is why we are extremely proud to announce that we are rebranding ourselves to Domani. With the protocol moving away from its roots in Ethereum and adopting a multi-chain strategy in partnership with Avalanche, Solana and Algorand, our team believes that it is now time to change our branding to better align it with our values, vision, and strategy. Asset management is tedious. Domani is here to change that. Our plan envisions democratizing token management for all through the gamification of the industry. We felt that DEXTF, was a far too formal and clunky name for such a fast-paced, and ever-changing industry. Domani, meaning tomorrow in Italian, explains us perfectly and signifies a remarkable inflection point for the protocol.

Below are the criteria for picking Domani:

  • Easy to pronounce
  • Relates and represents our team’s Italian side
  • Timeless, and futuristic at the same time
  • Shows resilience, adaptability, and flexibility, all of which are crucial when it comes to token management

Brand Values

Started up by a team of Italian wizards working in TradFi, they took the risk to start up the protocol a little over a year ago. Domani perfectly defines our roots: the reference to our team’s Italian side, and “tomorrow”, meaning we are always willing to take risks for the benefit of Domani. A sleek new name to adapt for what’s to come and better present ourselves for where we are headed.

Our Tagline

Tokenized Portfolios for a better tomorrow

The image

Structurally, the layout of the platform will be similar to DEXTF, however, Domani’s UI/UX will see notable changes as we move towards a more community-based focus. We recognize the importance of continuing to appeal to institutional investors, and thus we have an acute understanding of the balance that needs to be struck. Our image will shift towards a more accessible interface, with simplicity and gamification at its heart. Despite this image of a more memified UI, our commitment to security and reliability remains unchanged. Behind the fun and jovial impression stands robust and audited infrastructure, designed and maintained by an experienced team of scientists and traditional financial professionals. As we grow our community through our multi-chain expansion, we believe that simplicity will accelerate adoption.

Domani Will be powered by DEXTF Tokens

The token logo will change to reflect Domani, the token ticker will remain DEXTF. There is no token migration planned and for the avoidance of doubt, the token address on Ethereum will remain


DEXTF’s transition into Domani comes as a result of a massive internal effort, involving all aspects of the team. We sincerely believe that this shift towards gamification and simplicity will mark a new chapter for the protocol with more possibilities, more accelerants, more partners (soon to be announced), and the largest community we’ve had in our history. Domani provides you with catalysts to be more creative than ever and empowers you to monetize your investment talent. If you want to stay updated with the launch please follow our social media channels.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact our team at