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3 min readOct 8, 2021

It was 2018 when a team of like-minded individuals got together and envisioned bringing one of the most sophisticated financial infrastructures to crypto. Last month, we released DEXTF v2, elevating the experience from having only static to support also dynamic tokenized portfolios. We were also the first project to launch structured products in DeFi, although there’s currently no front-end to issue them quickly.

Nevertheless, this has enabled users to flexibly gain exposure to various cryptocurrencies via one token, which we call XTF2 fund tokens. While the vision was always in place, a couple of years of #BUIDL allowed DEXTF to launch various investment products that made investing in crypto more easy and structured.

As the protocol evolves, DEXTF plans to bring governance into the spotlight and thinking that the right time has come to transition to a DAO. Through a DAO configuration, DEXTF protocol can rely on the community to propel its next phase of development and expand on all fronts. If you’re a token holder, this is valuable if even more power is bestowed upon you, Roman!

As the DAO unrolls, the DEXTF token holders will retain the 1–1 voting power as in the current DEXTF governance, allowing you to vote on upcoming changes to the protocol, including adjusting system parameters like management fee factors, interest rate algorithms and submitting community proposals

With governance being the main focus, DEXTF DAO will rely upon its two central pillars: Guilds and Governance (+ tools stack and the token-gating). Each of these three pillars is designed to include the gamut of things that would make DEXTF DAO stronger.

Here is a general overview of each pillar:

Guilds: Guilds are groups of contributors focused on a particular area of the DEXTF DAO’s work and growth. For each Guild, members will outline their core mission, values, and role within the broader DEXTF community.

There will be three core guilds created to streamline the contributions

1) Dev Guild: will support all development-related areas, which would include creating dashboards, facilitating hackathons, etc.

2) Marketing Guild: will support any marketing content creation (content, graphics, video, swag, etc.) also to handle potential co-marketing/content partnerships etc.

3) Education Guild:The most important in our view, will support educational content which would include execution of workshops, help in onboarding, and broader educational community efforts (Hangouts, Twitter Spaces, AMAs, etc.


DEXTF DAO governance would happen in three phases.

1) Discord- where new ideas, changes, and projects will be proposed.

2) Forum- if there is a consensus on a particular proposal, a formal proposal can be posted to the DEXTF Forum, allowing the community to engage and

3) Snapshot — post-discussion, a community-wide off-chain vote on Snapshot will be held to determine the final acceptance or rejection of the proposal

While the team is excited about its DEXTF DAO, it understands Governance is an ongoing learning process for the entire community. It will continue to hear the community’s feedback and gradually improve these practices. We will also keep updating the community as things progress with the DAO. To begin with, we are in the process of creating a community call cadence. Also, we will have one dedicated channel on our discord for DAO discussions and announcements.

Follow all our communication channels as we set forth to DAOfying DEXTF.


DEXTF is a decentralized asset management protocol that allows DeFi users to launch, mint, redeem and trade dynamic XTF fund tokens from a growing list of supported ERC20 tokens. XTF fund tokens are ERC20 tokens.

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