Strategic Partnership: BKCoin Capital LP x DEXTF Protocol

The partnership centres around the provision of feedback and testing of DEXTF’s soon-to-be-released beta version, given through a statistical arbitrage focused quant-trader lens.

Our collaboration will also extend to working together on structured notes, in which they will generate actionable trading ideas intended to be incorporated in investment strategies, in preparation for a more official role as portfolio manager in one of the funds created on our digital asset management protocol.

BKCoin will be a alpha tester, providing valuable feedback

We are excited to announce our latest strategic partnership with BKCoin Capital LP, a digital asset quant hedge fund based in New York City. BKCoin has adopted an extremely innovative growth path by integrating with projects that aim to recreate the familiarity of the traditional financial industry in the digital asset industry. The idea is simple, institutional investors are looking for the next great thing to invest in, but they also need it to have a certain structure which they can relate to. Tools that they can understand and methods that are unsophisticated. Although, this does not mean that the platform does not allow elaborate strategies to be executed. The utilization rate of a product or a service, especially in the digital asset management space is indeed a function of its ease of use and of its UX/UI, other than its functionalities. In a nascent industry, with relatively low market cap such as the digital asset space, useful and creative functionalities plus a killer UX/UI is what will attract capital and therefore the much needed liquidity to the wider industry.

BKCoin Capital has an extremely experienced team and we are delighted to have them join our increasing pool of alpha testers (fund managers and digital asset managers).

For potential platform users, alpha testing can be an unusually fun and rewarding experience! This is a unique opportunity to contribute and recommend your favourite feature and functionality to be included in our protocol. At the end of the experience, we will collect all the comments and observations and proceed to make an evaluation of whether an adjustment would deliver an increase in efficiency or efficacy around the management or the investment experience.

BKCoin Capital and DEXTF are discussing to collaborate on a potential structured notes launch

DeFi’s beauty is interconnectedness. Every project stands on the back of another one, to which it is interdependent, and no project is functional as a standalone. Therefore, we are having ongoing discussions, with details still to be defined, on the possibility of collaborating, during our next development phase, in launching our very first workable product, or better yet, structured notes, which are considered as passive investments and hence with no rebalancing requirements.

BKCoin Capital potential candidate as portfolio manager in one of DEXTF-powered funds

BKCoin Capital’s expertise in building statistical arbitrage inspired strategies will help to inspire and build the first layer of portfolio managers looking to neutralize the many inefficiencies that clogs up the digital assets financial trading space.

Stay tuned!

About BKCoin Capital LP

BKCoin Capital LP is a New York-based digital asset quant hedge fund dedicated to delivering consistent, uncorrelated, absolute returns. The team behind BKCoin Capital has over 50 years of wide-ranging experience on Wall Street including managing and trading over $40 billion multi-asset portfolios at large institutions such as JP Morgan, Evercore ISI, and AllianceBernstein.

About DEXTF Protocol

DEXTF is an on-chain asset management protocol which enables the creation, management and trading of digital-native funds units, connecting investors, arbitrageurs and portfolio managers in a way that has never been done before. DEXTF is working to bring the biggest crypto investment funds on DEXTF protocol by eliminating the need of a third party custody service.




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