​​The Romans Head for the Mountains

DOMANI Protocol
2 min readDec 1, 2021

Domani Protocol is extremely excited to join the Avalanche community. The team at Domani has worked tirelessly to become the world’s first oracle-less cross-chain Crypto Management Protocol. We would also like to thank the Avalanche community for welcoming us as we embark on our journey into the Avalanche ecosystem.

We have carefully selected Avalanche as our new home as we look at expanding our horizons and growing our community. Having been originally built on the Ethereum blockchain, increasingly high transaction costs (among many other issues) have been a limiting factor for our protocol, which is why we have been analyzing various alternatives over the past year. Avalanche, being a blazingly fast, low cost and eco-friendly solution will allow us to open up Domani’s reach as we endeavor to capture the enthusiasm and positivity of the Avalanche community. We are also excited to announce that, EXCLUSIVELY on the Avalanche blockchain, anyone can now create tokenized portfolios without the need of identification. True democratization. True decentralization. No KYC for Domani on Avalanche.

For those in the Avalanche community who might be unaware of Domani, we are a recently rebranded (previously named DEXTF) DeFi Management Protocol, centered around democratizing and gamifying ETF style tokenized portfolios. At Domani, we believe that success within fund management is dictated by two main factors: Security and Performance. With these two factors in mind, the potential of the Domani protocol is huge. Alongside high stakes portfolios for the Degens amongst you, we have a variety of high return, low-risk portfolios available. In terms of security, we use oracle alternatives that ensure the continued success of the protocol and put the security of our community at the forefront of the product. This means that we completely circumvent and avoid potentially detrimental exploits centered around the use of oracles. The exposure gained through building on the Avalanche blockchain will allow our protocol to reach new, unexplored bounds and we look forward to doing it with the support of the amazing and ever-growing Avalanche community. Keep your eyes peeled for our trading competition to celebrate this historical moment.